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One Year Anniversary안전토토사이트


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One year ago안전토토사이 today, I stormed into 토토사이트추천
my boss’s office and said, “screw this company and everyone in it, I’m out.” I then punched all of the people I didn’t like and smashed the president’s monitor up against the wall. I then said, “who’s coming with me? Come on, who’s coming with me?” When no one raised their hand (apparently because I didn’t specify where I was going and didn’t really have a job for any of them), I walked out. And then keyed a few cars. And drove off, never to look back.

Ok, none of that really happened except the quitting part and the driving off part. But it was exactly a year ago today, so today I celebrate my one year anniversary of becoming a full-time poker professional. Staying up til whenever. Sleeping until whenever – no worrying about waking up on time. No annoying co-workers. Extreme flexibility. No clothes to buy. It’s been nice. But it’s been a rollercoaster for sure. Like any jobs, there are good days and bad. But unlike most jobs, there are many days when I have less money at the end of the day than at the beginning. Fortunately for me, there were more positive days than negative ones. And at the end of one year, I’m not quite a millionaire – actually, I haven’t even paid off my credit cards or student loans. But it has been a good year – I’ve made more than I expected but less than I had dreamed.

Some things I’ve done well in the past year, but some things I need to improve upon. My tournament game is not where I want it to be. Since the World Series, I have fared very poorly, cashing in a minimal amount of tournaments, with no big paydays. Perhaps it’s cyclical and I’m just on a downswing, but I sure would like to win a big one soon. Throughout the year, I had wins of $20,835, $2,577, $1,080, $4,859, $1,421, $1,232, $1,567, $1,485, and the WSOP qualifier, among others. I still have a return on investment better than most mutual funds, but lately it hasn’t been so great. My focus the past couple of months has been on the cash games, but that’s really not an excuse. And the site I’m on now, Bodog, isn’t the best for tournaments. But I have discovered the daily $25K guarantee to be a good tournament, usually with some overlay. I’ve gone deep in that one two days in a row, but nothing special. I’ll be going to the WSOP Circuit events in Indiana in a couple weeks, so hopefully I’ll be able to turn things around before then. After all, that is the place I had my best finish in the past year.

I also need to get better at other games besides no-limit hold’em. I know that’s where most of the money is, but I can’t really consider myself a complete poker player until I get better at other games like Omaha, Stud, and even Limit Hold’em. I’m not awful at any of those games, but I wouldn’t be comfortable playing a $100+ tournament or even cash game. I’ll have to start playing low level games when I’m bored of high dollar cash games or just having a bad day and want to take a bit of a break. I can’t be the best player I can be or even the most profitable player I can be if I can’t take advantage of poor players on all games.

Some things I’m definitely proud of. First and foremost, I have had only one losing month. Granted, it was an awful month, and I was lucky enough to have had a big win not too long before that to counter the blow, but still – one losing month out of twelve is pretty darn good. And this month, I’m on my way to another positive month – which will make it ten in a row. I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve had positive results in every form of play – sit-n-go’s, tournaments, and cash games. Well, kinda. Not all sit-n-go’s are good. I’ve had very good results with heads-up SNG’s (ROI of 11%) but actually negative results (although small – less than $500 down overall) from full-table SNG’s. Which is somewhat ironic because full-table SNG’s is how I thought I would make my living back when I left my job.

Moving forward, my goals for year two are lofty but by no means unattainable. Besides my financial goal which I won’t share, my goal is to be profitable every month, improve my all-around game, and stress out less when I have a bad day (or even week). There’s no question that some uncontrolable issues could get in the way. The online gaming industry is under seige, and only time will tell how us degenerates will be affected. For now, I’ll continue to play and even pay my taxes.

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