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APAT Team Event slot99


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Spent the weekend in Bolton playing the slot99 Team event.

Unfortunately I think we only reached the dizzy heights of 14th out of 25 teams with only 2 players ( Andy & Kev ) getting into the points and only one ( Kev ) making the money. Despite this all the guys played well and I think it was level 6 before we lost anyone.

A great weekend though, and APAT events also make a good social, with us bumping into so many people that we’ve met before. I had DOV, a mate from the Raise the River forum on my left for the 6 or so hours I was in the tourney and I think we just had plenty of banter throughout , infact he eventually knocked me out when my cheeky BB special of J9s hit two pair on the turn with which I pushed into his set of Jacks.

Looking forward to when APAT announce their season 5 schedule, as hoping to play in a few of these this year.

Last Friday we had our monthly deepstacks at the AoC, its a 10K starting stack with 30 min blinds, that may not be a deepstack in a lot of places, but to us who generally play 5k starting stack 20 minute blinds, its deeper than usual.

Recently I’ve been playing well ( in my mind ) and was quietly confident of cashing, making it 3 out of 3.

First hand in, I’m on the big bind with rubbish, Lou has been drawn to my left and limps, a couple more limpers until Dave on the button makes it 175 with 50/25 blinds. Both blinds fold, Lou calls and the limpers disappear.

Flop, 10, 10, 4, can’t remember the suits, doesn’t matter.

Lou checks, Dave bets, Lou raises, Dave re-raises, Lou re-re-raises and Dave goes all in.

Aye, Aye, I think. Dave has either got A,10 or 10s and Lou has either got A,10 or 4s.

Lou goes “feck it, if you’ve got me, you’ve got me, I call” and shows 4,4, Dave shows A,10.

Lou holds and Dave goes out in around 2 minutes, breaking the previous AoC record of 3, held by yours truly.

Most would have thought that call obvious, still I was quietly chuffed that I had it right.

A little later, with blinds at 150/75,Grib, on my right, raises to 450 under the gun. I’ve got KK and decide to re-raise to 1500, Lou then completely stumps me and makes it 4K, it folds round to Grib who passes and is back with me.

What do you do here ? Obviously 99.99999999% of the time, most would push, generally so would I. This time it was different, firstly Mrs Lou ” I’ve got a massive stack due to my spawny first hand” Saban certainly wouldn’t raise a re-raiser with garbage and secondly my spidy powers were tuned in.

For the first time ever, I think, I folded KK pre flop. I showed too, to gasps. Lou then tells the table she had Aces. Man, was I tuned in, easy game this.

So, obviously I won right….

Nope. Disappeared in 8th and didn’t make the money. All night I had been hammering Kev’s blinds with all sorts of rubbish and eventually he started to play back, by going all in every time I raised. Eventually I got fed up and actually called a raise when he had something. Not long after I went out.

This weekend at AoC we have our yearly freeroll for the best players of last year ( Lou starts as chipleader) and then we are off to Bolton for APAT Team Event. I’m captain of our team so looking to put in a good performance.

Online, I’ve qualified for the Betfair Live in London event but nothing else of note, just keep mini cashing tournies, which is pretty frustrating.

Football – took the lads to Stevenage last week, we were rubbish and 2-0 down after 6 minutes

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