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먹튀사이트 Gambling | The Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Gamblers


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The Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Gamblers
by Michael Shaye from Winner
There are seven things all players have done at one time or another to ensure they left the 먹튀사이트 down before they even turned on their computer. They’re the Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Gamblers — each one a proven way to give money to the casino.
1 ♠ Drinking ♠
How can online casinos afford to hand out cash bonuses like candy? Because they don’t offer you drinks. It’s no secret drinking impairs your judgment, yet players insist on having that extra cocktail. There is nothing wrong with indulging in your favorite beverage while enjoying blackjack after a hard day’s work. But drink to excess and you’ll lose your wits, you patience and your money. Know when you’ve had enough.
2 ♠ Chasing Even Money ♠
Players who chase the dream of breaking even when they are down big are the casino’s best friend. Face it, other than to enjoy yourself, you gamble to win money. Set limits before you start playing — both how much you are willing to lose and how much you realistically think you can win — then stick to them. If you’re cold, turn off the computer and try another day.
3 ♠ Hunch Betting ♠
There’s a nickname for hunch betters ~ broke. Hunch bettors ignore the odds and bet on instinct. For games like blackjack and video poker where perfect play is possible, determine perfect play and stick to it. Every time you deviate because you “feel” something good is going to happen, you’re giving odds to the house. And the last thing they need is more help taking your money.
A great-grandmother has revealed for the first time today how she has spent almost �105,000 – playing bingo.
Former accountant Madge Rowland likes figures so much she has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on her favourite numbers game.
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Since 1976, she has spent £104,905 on her daily bingo sessions. Her winnings during that time total £81,748, meaning she has lost £23,157.
“I’ve spent a lot and won a little but I don’t mind. It’s my money and for the entertainment it gives me I’d say it’s been worth every penny,” she said.
Mrs Rowland (86) has kept a hand-written log of her bingo expenses since retiring 28 years ago. Her records show that in 1976, she spent just over £1,000 on the game but in 2003 the figure reached nearly £5,500.
“It didn’t cost me that much when I started but the prices have gone up over the years. I spend about £120 a week now,” she said.
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