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The Basics of Murad Skin Care – Explained by Best filler near me hawaii


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Murad, a seller of skin care products, was founded by dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad in the late 1980s. Murad offers an extensive selection of skin care products, most geared towards treating acne and reversing the effects of aging. Dr. Murad is the author of the book The Murad Method. He has appeared on E! Network, NBC, and ABC to promote his products. If you are looking forward to Best filler near me hawaii
The Murad company slogan is, “Where skincare meets healthcare.” Dr. Murad also overseas the Murad Day Spa in El Segundo, California. Murad skin care products are designed to address common complaints people have about their skin including signs of aging, damaged skin, acne, dull skin, cellulite, etc.
The Murad skin care website is set up so that users can click on their unique skin problems and instantly receive a “recommended regimen” of treatment. For instance, clicking on the problem “hormonal aging” (i.e., menopause) takes the user to a recommended regimen of “Resurgence Night Regimen Products” and a “Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack” Like the hormonal aging regimen, most Murad skin care regimens consist of cleansers, treatments, moisturizers, and, unusual for a skin care company, dietary supplements.
Murad Skin Care Product Reviews
Murad skin care products are relatively expensive, with small bottles of liquids and gels routinely selling for $50 or more. With the price that high, it is interesting to observe what users have to say about the efficacy of the products. A check of online reviews reveals that opinions about Murad skin care products tend to be mixed.
A few users, especially of the Murad Acne Kit, complain that the product dried and irritated their skin and even caused acne flare-ups (although to be fair, these are common initial side effects of most topical remedies for acne). Several online reviewers stated that the product was too harsh for sensitive skin or that they had suffered allergic reactions from one or more of the ingredients. Another common complaint was problems ordering Murad skin care products online.
Other users deemed the products “excellent.” These reviewers were mostly people who had used the product over a period of time. Most stated that acne breakouts were well controlled with long-term use. Some also stated their skin looked and felt younger after using Murad skin care products.
It is interesting and telling to note that most reviewers, even the ones who gave the products positive ratings, mentioned price as a drawback of using Murad skin care products. If cost is an issue for you, you would probably do well to try a less expensive line of products.

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