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sbobet Poker is Rigged


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It’s an epidemic. It’s bad enough that every online poker site let’s you win early just to take your money back after you make a withdrawal. As Ron Burgandy says, “It’s science.” I suppose it’s understandable. That’s what you get for grabbing your cash and going back for more.
And of course, everyone knows that when a tournament or sbobet starts to run long, the “finish quick” algorithm kicks in. You’ll both be dealt a flush, or it will be boat vs. boat. But really, the site needs to move things along, so can you blame them. Again this phenomenon is a proven scientific fact. As Brick Tamblen says, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE ARE YELLING ABOUT!”
Which leads me to the venerable World Series of Poker. If you thought this would be the last bastion of “clean” poker, a few minutes of watching ESPN will quickly dispell those beliefs.
ATo vs. KTo and a runner-runner flush sends one packing (you’re welcome Alan Cunningham).
John Gale apparently had no friends at the WSOP because they rigged the cards against him. 66 vs. AJ when Gale gets his J on the turn… but the 5 on the river gutshots Gale right back into his seat. On the very next hand they rigged things against him again. TT vs. 44 and a 4 on the flop crippled the Gentleman.
And, who could forget how the behind-the-scenes folks carried T.J. Cloutier to the crown: A5 vs AK, and T.J. catches his gutshot on the river and wears his 6th bracelet.
WSOP poker is rigged. It’s undeniable. Who’s crazy enough to play this game?
A couple of house-cleaning announcements…
First, see the post below for exciting news about Tri-Clops!
Second, stay tuned for official notice of the first (and last?) WPBT Euchre tourney. Start finding your partner now, you’ll sign up in teams of two.
Last, but not least… why I’m so tired.
Those blogger tables can be hell. Of course, I lived up to my new nickname, “Only Monsters,” and took my fellow bloggers for about $15. And it’s always fun to sit down with wil. I do feel bad about cracking Iggy’s hammer with cowboys, but that’s life at the blogger table. Let’s just get started a little earlier so we’re not all dragging at work the next day!

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