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Ranting UFAand the College Bowl System


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Nobody asked me… but

  • I’m amazed how most football bettors find a way to lay points on the road in their pro football wagering. This has been a losing proposition for decades and it continues to be such in 2002.
  • Los Angeles is further away from getting a pro football team than ever. Those in the know say, “The City of Angels, under the current circumstances, is ten to twelve years away from getting a franchise.”
  • I feel sorry for the Washington Redskins fans. They have a great tradition, a solid team but now they must endure having the anti-Christ as their coach.
  • I’d much rather watch football games on Fox than ESPN. Why, you ask? Because Fox is easier to spell.
  • If we could extract the gambling aspects of college and pro football, the fan interest in both would wane by some 30–35%. Both the NCAA and the NFL are well aware of this fact.
  • Fifteen or twenty years ago there were over two thousand sports handicapping services operating in the United States. Today, there are less than two hundred! Not as easy as you thought, huh fellas?
  • On the subject of pick services: when one of them touts themselves as being #1, that means, by definition, that they checked the won-lost records of every handicapper on the planet and therefore deduced that they are the best. Either that or they are lying.
  • The New England Patriots gave their hometown fans the greatest sports thrills since the Celtics last won a championship, however, what the “Bean Town” folks really want and need is a Boston Red Sox World Series win.
  • There are three great sports in the world… pro football, college football and over/unders.
  • According to sports handicapping legend, Tamara Keller, totals (over/unders) are much easier to beat than picking which side is going to win.
  • My mother still does not understand just what it is that I do for a living.


But enough ranting, on to a system that you can really use:


The “College Bowl” system


The System

Bet on any “bowl bound” team that played their last “regular season” game more recently than did their opponent. For example, if Alabama has not played a UFA game in twenty days and UCLA has not played a game in thirty days, the bet would be Alabama. A bet does not become a stronger play due to a larger number of days off. That’s all there is to it!


The Facts

The system averages about ten selections per bowl season during the thirty-three years. The pointspread record of this system is 193 winners and 134 losers through January, 2002.


The Rationale

Let’s face it; long lay-offs have a negative effect on the players. I’m surprised that college coaches, who are aware of this, don’t do something about it. Some schools will actually have lay-offs of between five and six weeks between the regular season and their bowl game!


I’ll end with a quote from “Nick the Greek,” not to be confused with “Jimmy the Greek” who adopted the original nickname from Nick. “The greatest thing in life is gambling and winning. The second greatest thing is gambling and losing!”



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