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Nevada Hosts Public Regulatory Workshop for Online Gambling


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Nevada has laid out a framework for online gambling, and this past Monday (September 26th), they allowed it to be questioned by the public in a regulatory workshop. The workshop, which lasted an hour and fifteen minutes, hosted former regulators, officials from gaming companies, and attorneys.
Regulation 5A includes the following guidelines for legal online gambling:
A) The legal age for online gambling is 21 years old.
B) Licensees are required to set aside $20,000 at all times to pay for any necessary compliance investigations.
C) Players are permitted only one gambling account and it must use their full real name.
D) Players can deposit funds using credit cards.
E) No transfers of money are permitted between players.
F) Hand histories must be stored by the gambling site for five years minimum.
G) Operators must be proactive when it comes to preventing bots.
Nevada has created these regulations so that they will be ready to issue licenses if one of two scenarios should occur. One scenario is the federal government formally legalizing online poker. The second scenario is if the U.S. Department of Justice informing the Nevada crypto gambling that interactive gaming is permitted by federal law.
Online Poker Stalled in Washington D.C.
Nothing has oved forward regarding legal online poker since the cancellation of the online trial in Washington D.C. at the start of this month. In fact, it appears that things have moved in the opposite direction.
Right now the project is in a consultative phase. D.C. Lottery is planning on holding public forums to help explain the idea of online gambling. It looks like most people don’t need much convincing, however. The Washington Times newspaper held a poll and showed that 85% of those polled were in favor of the online poker legalization.
Despite the public support for legal online poker, several council members are repealing part of a bill that authorizes online gambling.
California Also Supports Online Poker
A poll was conducted in California asking voters whether or not they would support legal online poker if it meant more revenue for the state. Here is how the results ended up:
Voters aged 18-39: 73% interested.
Voters aged 40-64: 48% interested.
Voters 65 or older: 35% interested.
Democrats were 56% for it, while Republicans were 43% for it.

In total 53% of those polled were in favor of online poker in California. As of now, however, there are no immediate plans on board for legalization.

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