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It’s time to hit the road on the Turkish coasts


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With its vivid blue sea and refreshing greenery, Turkey offers experienced road trippers and first-time travelers unforgettable journies on its Aegean and Mediterranean coasts

Sometimes, we all want to prepare a back-pack, and hit the road to discover what endless paths bring to us. If you have this irresistible urge to experience a summer trip while turning the volume up of “Hit the Road Jack,” Turkey can be one of the most remarkable spots for your summer holiday.

With its winding roads offering sun and natural wonders at the same time, a road trip in Turkey will take rank among your top 10 unforgettable holiday experiences because there are lots of things to see in Turkey, and the best way to do it is a road trip. The Turkish coastline – starting from the Aegean coast, and stretching to Mediterranean coast – will let you see both hidden Turkish gems as well as the country’s most crowded and entertaining holiday destinations.

You should plan a route on a map, both to not get lost and to not miss holiday points that offer you the heavenly beauty on earth. We have prepared a list that will help you discover what holiday spots should be visited before the season ends to turn your summer trip into a fascinating adventure. The Aegean coastline is generally regarded as the most popular destination of road trippers who turn road trips in Turkey into a tradition. You can rent a car or take your own and start your dream travel! Like Mersin Escort

Cunda Island

Cunda Island is located where the Aegean Sea starts. Even though it is called “island,” you can reach this fascinating island by your car. Cunda Island, which means “Fragrant Island” in Romaic thanks to the silverberry fragrance surrounding the entire island, is a point that should not be missed.

While most tourists visiting Turkey are too busy visiting crowded destinations, you can discover the hidden blue dream of the country, also known as Alibey Island. Staying at the once predominantly Greek island enables you to experience a mixture of culture, as some islanders still speak Greek. You can taste the fine foods of Turkish cuisine in the friendly environment of cozy restaurants, filled with the warmth of the smiling faces of both locals and tourists. Streets covered with colorful flowers and typical island houses will help visitors escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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