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Gas Heating Steam Boilers System types


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Before you get a central heating Steam Boilers system you need to understand what type of system and gas fired boiler you will want. This article will help you to visualise the alternatives available to you. The primary variances are determined by central heating boiler type although this will influence the other system component parts.


In north Europe the primary family system will be the heating Steam Boilers system, although there is much talk of global warming at the moment there is little mass demand for air conditioning systems. Nowadays central heating systems are a feature in every modern dwelling office.


Having become used to modern amenities we cannot do without a heating system. Most offices are transformed when the heating system is switched on delivering a cozy temperature. The central heating system also can give you a cheap source of hot water. Reliability is a major requirement for your central heating system. Systems tend to last for fifteen years and you will need one that is both economic and dependable.


There are two main variants of Central Heating Steam Boilers System; pumped/vented and sealed systems.


The most common type is a pumped or vented system. You will find that this configuration contains a feed and expansion tank in addition to a hot water cylinder. Hot water expands and in this type of system flows back to the expansion tank. The tank is placed in the highest place in the office, normally the attic area.


If you purchase a new officehold you may now find that it incorporates a sealed central heating system. A sealed system, as the name suggests is a closed system so no water tanks are needed. The function of the water feed tank is now provided by the cold water mains. There are no tanks or copper piping in the attic, you will get the following advantages when taking a sealed system:


– frozen wintertime piping from copper pipes in the attic it is now eliminated


– fewer parts mean low purchase costs


– less pipework and seals to leak


– the sealing of the system prevents air entering which could lead to internal corroding or the development of an air lock


It is common for the water supply pressure to alter and that this is dealt with by incorporating a pressure vessel. Valves allow cold water to enter and top up the system when pressure falls, other safety mechanisms open valves if the inner pressure is to high.


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