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Bodog Casino Expands Extensive 토토사이트 먹튀검증Game Selection


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spot_img is proud to announce the addition of more than 20 new casino games to its already extensive offerings. With fun new slots and video 토토사이트 먹튀검증games like China MegaWild Slots and Face The Ace Video Poker, alongside a slew of specialty games like Jackpot7 and Bingo Scratch, the Casino has something for everyone, across all limits, high and low. With the addition of these new games to’s existing game offerings, the ability to play on either the Flash based web-client, downloadable desktop client, and on the road via Bodog Mobile Casino, combined with Bodog’s over 15 years of industry experience, competitive bonuses and promotions, and industry leading 24/7/365 customer service, Bodog has all your online gaming needs covered.
“We’re very happy with the addition of over twenty new games to the Online Casino,” says Morris Mohawk Gaming Group CEO Alwyn Morris. “Over the coming months the Casino will continue to expand as more and more new games are added to the roster. Many of these new games are being added as a direct result of feedback we’ve received from Casino players, so we’re especially excited to see and hear their reactions.”
The Complete List of New games includes:
New Slots at Bodog: Archipelago, Atlantis Dive, China MegaWild, Freaky Fruits, Freaky Gym, Fruit Salad Jackpot, Gold in Bars, Hot 7’s, Mexican Slots, Mystic Slots, Olympic Slots, Party Night, Pirate Slots, Spin the World, Summer Dream, Totem Quest
New Specialty Games: Bingo Scratch, Bonus Cards, Jackpot7, Lucky Wheel, Poker Bet, Potshot, RollUp, and Soccer Shot
Iron Cross Betting in Craps
Iron Cross Betting: This involves that you will win on any number except a seven being rolled. It requires a bigger bankroll and you will not want your money exposed for very long, maybe 3 or 4 hits and then take it all down or change your bet to a smaller place 6|8 bet. Here is how to do it.
After a point is established (important, it will not work on the come out) Place 34 dollars in the Come Box and tell the dealer “Place the 6|8 for 12 dollars, Place the 5 for 10 dollars”. Then you will need to put another 5 dollars on the field box. Here are the results below
2 = +10
3 = +5
4 = +5
5 = +9 (you will win 14, but lose the field -5, replace the field bet)
6 = +9 (you will win 14, but lose the field -5, replace the field bet)
8 = +9 (you will win 14, but lose the field -5, replace the field bet)
9 = +5
10 = +5
11 = +5
12 = +10 or +15 (depends on double or triple table)
7 = -39 (it wipes out everything)
You can see why you would only want Togel Hongkongout there on 3 or 4 rolls as the 7 wipes you out, but you can use this to win some money and then turn around and remove all your bets and then place a smaller bet with your winnings like a six dollar 6|8. Statistically, it isn’t the greatest betting system with a 3.24% house edge, but Iron cross betting is great for players who like lots of

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