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Alaska’s เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Guru Leads the crusade for the Legalization of Poker Games


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Perry Green is a well-known name in the Poker circuit, in Alaska. He is often referred to as “Alaska’s Poker Guru”. Green has been crusading for a long time, for the legalization of ‘for profit’ เเทงหวยออนไลน์ games in the state. Speaking to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, in praise for the game, he said that poker had attained the status of a world-wide sport. He further said that poker would contribute majorly, to Alaska’s economy which was largely dependent on oil. In order to propose a bill for the legalization of poker games, Green is on a signature collection campaign. He has made several efforts to get a bill passed earlier, but has failed. Green backed a bill last year, for the setting up of a state gaming commission, which in turn would have the authority to licence a casino, in Anchorage. Although this bill got passed by the State House, it was not passed by the Senate. reports:
In another initiative this year, Green enlisted Rep. Pete Kott, R-Eagle River, and Sen. John Cowdery, R-Anchorage to back legislation authorizing real money card games such as poker and cribbage. Once again, the House passed the bill, but it then became stalled indefinitely in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Isabell Mercier: The Lady Who Gave Up Law to Become a World Class Poker Champ
Meet Isabel Mercier, the woman who had the guts and the conviction, to walk away from an established law practice, and went on to become a world class poker champion. According to Isabel, her law practice made her feel bound by schedules which is something she could not put up with, for long. She needed a lot of freedom in her life and hence the decision! It sure is a brave move considering that after invesing a fair amount of years in education and work in a profession, one fine day, a person is able to give it all up. This because the lifestyle accompanying the profession seems unsuitable. This clearly speaks a lot for Mercier, whom the WPT Tour host last year renamed “no mercy” Mercier. Isabell Mercier is a fearless player and being a risk taker made a fast impact as a “money player”, in cash games and came into focus once she won the WPT Ladies Night II. reprots:
Mercier also had the advantage of working full time as a casino dealer while putting herself through law school. She decided to deal from casino to casino all around the world.
Casino Gaming TV (CGTV), to be Launch its Dedicated Channel in Canada, This September
Speculation was ripe last year about when one would find a dedicated casino gaming or poker based cable television network, in the US. However, till date none of the candidates have launched such a channel. Experts and reporters believe that if poker must occupy a pride of place among the other televised sports, it must have a devoted channel. Such a channel should be able to show lifestyle programming, biographical programming, historical programming and every other related aspect of the sport. CGTV – Casino Gaming TV is at the middle of this all, trying to get a channel on air. Nick Rhodes, its CEO has been at the helm of affairs and the channel might soon see the light of day. Starting in September, CGTV Canada will go on air, showcasing a wise blend of original progamming along with the usual gaming content. The biggest and the most critical challenge for the company has been to secure distribution, from satellite companies. reports:
“I think the launch of the channel up there, and as it evolves, and gets distribution north of the border, it will be easier for the U.S. distributors to evaluate its potential.,” Rhodes said. Being outside of the U.S. seems to be the way to go to get a channel on the air.

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