Tips on Nail care

There is a need to be careful about your body, hair, hands and feet but usually tends to forget their nails. Nail care is very much important when it is about self grooming. Nails can speak much about your personality; shabby untidy nails look very ugly and put a negative impression. It could be both of hands as well as feet.
Healthy nails are pink in color, beautifully shaped but certain diseases such as heart diseases; improper blood circulation may be the cause of unhealthy nails. Deficiency of iron, calcium, vitamins may cause nail breakage, cuts and cracks.
fruitThe vital cause for nail breakage, white spots, cracks, flaky nails, discoloration is imbalanced diet. For a healthy nails make sure you intake a balanced and healthy diet, which should include lots of bright colored fruits, dry fruits and green leafy vegetables. Almonds, spinach, broccoli, fish, fresh juices, foods rich in calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, minerals etc helps in strengthening your nails. Try to intake lots and lots of water everyday.
Trim your nails regularly but make sure you don’t use sharp scissors. File your nails on a regular basis and make sure that you always keep them clean and hygienic. Use a good cleanser to cleaning up your hands and don’t forget to clean the top edges of your nails.
While washing clothes, dishes, or dealing with strong detergents and soaps it is preferable to wear gloves as it prevent from splitting.
pedicureAs your body needs pampering your nails needs it too. Pamper it by giving the manicure & pedicure. Provide your hands and feet a good therapy.
Before applying nail polish make sure you apply base coat and after applying the nail polish apply the top coat, it provides the longevity of the polish and also prevents the nails from discolor. Note that the previous layer is dried out before applying the next coat. Always remove your nail polish with nail polish remover.
Artificial nails needs extra care, make sure you get frequent manicure & pedicure and refill your nails with the help of an expert. Don’t use glue it can damage the nails.
Almond Massage your hands and moisturize your nails and cuticles every night before going to bed. You can also massage your nails with almond oil it prevents the nail breakage and makes the nails strong and beautiful.

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